Friday, April 15, 2011

I've decided to do a fast...

Yeah...I've been kinda stuck in a weight loss rut...also this last week has been really bad in the weight loss effort department. I only went to the gym twice....last week i went 6 times....also I ate like utter crap because I had a really stressful week and NO time to attempt to make healthy choices. At least my weight stayed the same. So I've decided to do a break through that barrier and get out all the crap that I put in this week. So the plan for the nest two days is as follows:

Exercise for at least 45 minutes a day

On Monday I plan on reinstating food....primarily liquid (soup and yogurt) for breakfast and lunch with maybe a salad for dinner.

Hopefully I drop a couple pounds in the process. :)


  1. You will! Fasts are great!! :)

  2. I'm in a plateau too and I HATE it. I know what I need to do to get out of it... but it would f up my marathon training so I dunno.

    Good luck with breaking through your plateau.

    ~ H

    Going to the gym 6 days last week is amazing!