Sunday, February 27, 2011

New progress

I've been doing well over the last three days and have planned out eating and exercise for the next week that will conistently keep me at around 800 net calories a day. I was terrible before I got my act together with mini-binges happening lamost every day. Now after only three days of eating less than 1000 calories and working out, my stomach has deflated. It's almost flat when i turn to the side. And I'm not even sucking in. I may feel a little shaky when i wake up in the morning (probably because i haven't eaten anything since 5pm the day before) but other than that I'm over the moon. I've found something that works. That I can stick to. And god damn it, I'm going to be skinny. I've set a new goal weight for myself. I want to be between 120-125 to be happy with myself. That would give me a BMI of about 17.7-18.3. Just small enough to be considered thin, but not low enough for anyone to be too concerned.

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  1. I'm glad you found what works best for you. Keep up the good work!