Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good day today.... :)

It's an amazing day for me today because....I woke up exactly 4.4 pounds lighter today than I was yesterday...I feels amazing!!!! I still have about 15.5 pounds to lose before I can attempt to be happy about my wieght, but still progress is progress!!!
There is only one good thing about being on your period: the super fast weight loss....I think the fact that I started my period two days ago is one of the main reasons for the fast loss....that and's offically one of my favorite ways to lose weight EVER!!!
I'm going in for another hour-long session today!!!! Hopefully I can get down to the 130s sometime soon...It will be the first time I was in the 130s in a VERY LONG time...I think it would make me ecstatic!!!! I DEFINATELY want to be in the 130s for my graduaiton in a month....I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be 132 for it!!!! Exactly 60 kilos....but that would mean losing 15.4 pounds in the next month. Lord knows I'm going to try.

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