Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have been away far too took me all of yeaterday evening to catch up with all the blogs I follow...Anywho...the month I was gone without internet, I was in Syria with my super skinny best friend/roomie...and apparently I think I've worried her family. It drives me insane!!! Her eating habits aren't normal either, but they pick on mine instead of hers!! I mean how many NORMAL people eat about 3 kilos of apples a day and not much else? And how many NORMAL people refuse to eat any form of processed carbs? And she somehow manages to include rice in that category. But no...they comment on mine. Like when we go grocery shopping, and my roomie asks if I want to get something fattening or the other and I comment, "no thanks I want to fit into my dress for graduation." she responds with a "It's gonna fall off of you with the amount you've been eating" And her mom always trying to feed me even more food!!!! GAH!!!! I hate food pushers!!!
I hate the hypocrisy sometimes!!!! It's okay for your daughter to eat like a rabbit, but not for her friend? And I didn't lose anything at all...partially because I had a massive bordom induced binge three days ago...and once again I'm stuck at bloody 145 pounds....I always get down to theis point and then for some reason, no matter what I eat or don't eat, my body stopslosing weight and the ONLY direction the numbers on the scale go is up!
I'm so confused about my body now anyways....I think I have the most bizzare body on the planent: the literal exception to every singe rule of body mass distribution and proportions. On a whim I decided to calculate my percentage body fat and guess what? On 6 seperate calculators, it never got lower than 19% or about 19.6% The most common value was 19.5% though, so I'm thinking that was the most reliable. But that number doesn't make any sense! Depending on the site, I was either classified as having not enough body fat or having the body fat of an athlete! I have no muscle tone whatsoever! I haven't worked out in months! I look like a whale! There is no way that I'm not at least in the average range!
Anywho, my graduation is in two days and I want to look the best possible then!!! I want to break through the 145 barrier!!! It's so frustrating!!! I've lost over 20 pounds so far, and then my body just stopped! I'm only gonna eat really healthy stuff the next two the moment I'm eating celery, which tastes gross at the moment, and I bought bamboo shoots and red and yellow peppers, 0.1% fat yoghurt and laxative tea. And that's basically what I'm going to eat for the next two days. Hopeully I see some improvement!

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  1. I've got a list of all the different body fat calculations somewhere...there's a whole bunch of them. Silly scientists.