Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have lost some weight!!!

I don't know how much and I won't know exactly how much for a couple of days until i get to a scale...but I know i have...all, and I mean ALL of my pants are too loose...and people have started noticing...although I think I might not be going gradually enough for them not to notice...i was sick for a couple of days last week, and used that as a good excuse not to eat that much...but then as soon as I was "better" my friends practically force-fed me.  And this morning, one of my friends commented that I wasn't eating that much...I had two small pieces of bread and a hard-boiled egg...I'm still eating...so I don't think it's that noticable...but I'm worried that they are going to think something is worng and intervene, or even worse, contact my mother...

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