Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life sucks...

I have my IB exams starting in a week. For anyone out there who doesn't know what the IB exams are, they basically count for about 70% of my grades that I will need to keep my university offers. So I'm super stressed out to begin with.
To make things worse, since I don't have a scale here, I have to go by measurements, and I have gained about half and inch around my stomach, hips and ass in the past month. I feel gross. I'm totally letting myself go in the wrong direction, but I refuse to let myself be fat for graduation. It's time to start the restricting again!! I'm already half a day through with my new attitude and it feels great. I forgot how amazing little things like, skipping lunch, or using the excuse that "My stomach hurts" to stop eating felt. I don't care if my friends get on my case this time. I can blame it on stress. I. WILL. BE. SKINNY. And NOTHING ANYONE says or does is going to stop me. Wish me luck!

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