Friday, December 4, 2009

I fucked up

I got this great new program on my iPod called Lose It! and it helps me monitor exactly how much I eat every day. I would have had an amazing day of only 572 calories until I binged and I mean BINGED...I ate 498 disgusting calories of chocolate covered raisins. I wish I could puke. That's almost as many calories as I consumed from other foods today. I technically am still under my daily allowance f 1,200 calories a day, to lose 20 pounds by Feb., but I still feel gross...I think I might do intense pilates abs and ass workout in my room while my roomie's gone at an event for her service...that way I'll burn off those calories in a little over 3 hours...or less...if I add in these amazing moves I picked up from this article online...My legs are getting thinner (they barely touch when I wear flat shoes anymore, and don't touch at all if I wear heels), but my stomach is still massive. And I want a human sized ass...mine could be honed in on by a satellite...So long story short...I was bad today...I'm going to make it up tomorrow...will power is the key...and I am strong enough to do this...I will be under 1000 calories tomorrow and no binging...chocolate has to disappear from my diet entirely...only fruit if I get a sweet craving...yummy, negative calorie fruit.

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